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Website Designer, Small Business Professional Organizing, Bookkeeping Services, Unfranchise Owner. Personal: Mother to 3, ages 32, 30 and 17 years. Grandmother to 3, ages 9, 7 and 10 months Wife to 1 (He'd rather I not mention his age) Friend to Many My personal beliefs (some of them anyway): Be who YOU are Love who you are Be grateful for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE Never sacrifice your integrity - all the money in the world can't buy it back Always listen to people Love your family with ALL your heart - without judgment Love your friends like family and they will be Don't take crap from anyone - speak your truth Shout out at hate mongers Never sit in silence while fellow humans are being put down because of the color of their skin or their sexual orientation or some other bull*&$# racist reason Be respectful of everyone Expect others to be respectful of you Don't be a doormat Dance in the shower - might as well exercise while shampooing your hair Sing out loud - who cares if your tone deaf Smile - laugh - enjoy your life Work hard AND smart Be passionate

Website Design – Keywords

Step 1 – Identify Your Search Keywords A common misconception with new web site owners is to try and improve their search engine ranking based on their company name or domain name.  This is not a good strategy, since a … Continue reading

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DIY Website Design – 5 Little Tips Before You Begin

Just a few tips for the Do It Yourself business owner. 1) Plan your website carefully:  Too often I see homemade websites that look, well, dare I say, yup, crappy! You must have a clear plan and because you are … Continue reading

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